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Our Door Systems combine attractive styling with all the features of energy efficiency, security, ease of maintenance and durability.

Entrance & Garden Doors

"Entrance and Garden Door Systems from Supreme combine attractive styling with all the best features of energy efficiency, security, ease of maintenance and lasting durability."

The strength and durability of our premium quality Steel or Fiberglass Doors from Masonite provide an attractive and easy to maintain finish that will not warp, crack or peel. A solid core of polyurethane foam within a continuous wood thermal break ensures outstanding thermal performance and added stability. Lock reinforcement blocks and a factory installed security strike plate reinforce the door system at the lock location to protect against force entry. Premium quality compression weatherstripping seals out cold, moisture, dust and drafts. A durable non-slip aluminum clad sill with an adjustable PVC thermal break eliminates frost transfer and ensures a tight seal against the door sweep. To give your home a more distinctive look and comfort features ask about our wide range of Decorative Doorlite, Mini-Blind and Grill Options.

Our Doors are...

Door SkinsPremium quality, 24 gauge galvanized steel or compression molded fiberglass doors from Masonite provide an attractive finish with lasting durability.

Slab Core Continuous Wood Perimeter provides a thermal break between the outside and the inside surfaces to prevent condensation and frost build up. Environmentally Friendly, CFC-free polyurethane core provides insulating values 4 times greater than wood.

Security Plate Wood Lock Block and factory installed security strike plate provides reinforcement in the critical lock area.

HingeCompression Weatherstripping, corner seals and multi-finned bottom door sweep ensures a tight, weatherproof seal and reduces heat loss. Standard corrosion resistant Steel Ball Bearing Hinges are mortised into both the door slab and the door frame to prevent sagging, and are available in brass or chrome finishes.

SillThermally Broken Aluminum Clad Sill with an adjustable PVC threshold prevents frost transfer and ensures a tight seal against the door sweep. Out-Swing Door Sill is designed to prevent air and water infiltration. Double cam-locks on each Out-Swing Door ensure a positive weatherstrip contact and provide added security.

BrickmouldExterior Brickmoulds are available in extruded metal c/w nailing fin, metal clad wood and wood profiles. (Ask your representative about available colour options).

Door GlassA wide range of Decorative Doorlite, Mini-Blind and Grill gives your home a more distinctive look.

Reinforcement1-1/4" engineered hardwood Structural Mullion reinforces the integrity of door structure whenever required.


Entrance DoorIn-Swing SDR L-SLT Entry Door
Glass: 106455 & 129455 Aria glass
Door Slab: Steel 6 Panel
Sidelite Panel: Steel 6 Panel
Garden DoorOutswing Garden Door with Transom
(Left Vent-Right Swing)

Glass: 20x64 5/16" Heritage Grill
Door Slab: Smooth Flush Fiberglass

Entrance Doors

Entrance DoorExt. Camber over Full Venting Sidelite and Right Swing Door with Specialty Navarro glass in Oak textured fiberglass slab and Maize Metal Brickmould

Choose our superior Entry Door system design to suit your taste and complements your home's architectural style.

Select from our vast line of traditional, contemporary or modern designs with or without decorative glass elements. Get creative and create your own custom look by enhancing your door design with almost a thousand choices of our doorlite selections, transoms and sidelites.

SDR R ISRight Hand
SDR L ISLeft Hand
SDR R OSRight Hand
SDR L OSLeft Hand

Garden Doors

Garden DoorLeft Swing-Right Fixed In-Swing Garden Door with 5/16" White 3x5 Grill in steel slabs, Sliding Screen and White Metal Brickmould

Two or Three-wide Garden Doors are the perfect replacement choice for those out-dated wood or aluminum sliding patio doors. Garden Doors can simulate the traditional French door by adding various grill designs and decorative doorlites. Supreme Windows offers unlimited Garden doors configurations whichever fit our customer's needs. Each panels can be either an opening door, a venting door or a fixed door in different widths. Out-Swing Doors are ideal for installation where interior space is limited.

SGD L-RV OSOut Swing - Venting
(Venting Screen)
SGD L-F OSOut Swing - Fixed
(No Screen)
SGD L-F ISIn Swing - Fixed
(Sliding Screen)
SGD L-F OSIn Swing - Venting
(Venting Screen)

Sidelites and Transoms

SidelitesDesertsand Casement Insert over Fixed Insert & Picture over 3 Panel style with optional grills sidelites

Sidelite and Transom add more flavours designing more distinctive Entrance Doors. Sidelite and Transom can be designed many different ways from a single box window style to Decorative glass insert options.

Full Pic SLTFull Pic
Full Dec SLTFull Dec.
Full Vent SLTFull Vent
Pic/Pic SLTPic/Pic
Dec/3P SLTDec./3P
Dec/6P SLTDec./6P
Pic/3P SLTPic/3P
Full Vent SLTPic/6P
Fixed/6P SLTFix/6P
Casement/6P SLTCas/6P
Casement/Fix SLTCas/Fix
Rectangular TransomRectangular Transom
Ext. Camber TransomExt. Camber Transom
Half Round TransomHalf Round Transom

Standard Door Sizes

Width Slab Single Door Garden Door Double Door
2' 6" 29-3/4" 31-1/2" 63-3/8" 62"
2' 8" 31-3/4" 33-1/2" 67-3/8" 66"
2' 10" 33-3/4" 35-1/2" 71-3/8" 70"
3' 0" 35-3/4" 37-1/2" 75-3/8" 74"
3' 6" 41-3/4" 43-1/2" 87-3/8" N/A
Height Slab In-Swing Out-Swing Commercial Sill
6' 8" 79" 82-1/4" 81-1/2 81"
8' 0" 95" 98-1/4" 97-1/2" 97"

* Custom sizes are also available.

Sidelite Sizes

Sidelite Style 6' 8" 8' 0"
Full Length Glass 8" ~ 21-5/8"
Picture / Picture 8" ~ 36"
0836 Dec. Glass / 6 Panel 14" ~ 20" N/A
0848 Dec. Glass / 3 Panel 14" ~ 16"
0764 Dec. Glass 13" ~ 35-1/4" 14" ~ 16"
0880 Dec. Glass N/A 14" ~ 35-1/4"
Casement Insert 14-1/8" ~ 20"


Single Door Designs

Entrance DoorTransom / SDR L
ODL Majestic glass in Oak Textured 3 Panel Fiberglass slab
Single Door Single Door with
Single Door with
2 SLTs
Single Door with Transom
Single Door with Half Round Single Door with
2 SLTs & Transom
Single Door with
2 SLTs & Ext. Camber
Single Door with 2 SLTs & Half Round

Garden Door Designs

Casement-Fixed3 Wide Garden Door with 3x5 5/16" White Grill and Capped Brickmould
Garden Door 3L Garden Door SLT-SDR-SLT
Garden Door 3 Wide Garden Door Garden Door with
2 SLTs
Garden Door with Transom Garden Door with
Ext. Camber
Garden Door with
Half Round


Door Skin

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Steel SlabHigh-Def Steel/
Smooth Fiberglass
Oak FiberglassOak Textured
Mahogany FiberglassMahogany Text.
Fir FiberglassFir Textured

Door Sill

In-Swing SillAnodized Bronze
In-Swing Sill
(standard Aluminum)
Out-Swing SillAluminum Out-Swing Sill with/without Locks
(optional Anodized Bronze)
Commercial Sill

Aluminum Commercial Sill
for Wheel Chair access

Door Glass

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Decorative GlassDecorative Glass
In-Glass BlindsIn-Glass Blinds
Venting InsertsVenting Inserts
In-Glass GrillsIn-Glass Grills
Obscured GlassObscured Glass
Low-E GlassLow-E Glass

Door Hinges

In-Swing SillBronze / Nickel / Brass / Chrome

Interior / Exterior

Metal BMMetal BM
Metal BMCapped BM
Wood BMWood BM
Clad JambClad Jamb
(Maintenance Free)
Wood JambCL or PG Wood Jamb
(Stain or Paint)


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Single Point LockMayfair
Single Point LockMonticello
Single Point LockRosedale
Single Point LockYorkville
Bala KnobBala
Athena LeverAthena
Manhattan LeverManhattan